About me

Hi, I’m Annlee Fores a hardware enthusiast and developer. My main goals are to spread maker/hacker culture among the upcoming generation. I invariably try to do the same by teaming up with communities like Hack Club, IEEE, IEDC in helping organize hackathons, workshops, makerfests. I am currently in my sophomore year at the College of Engineering Thalassery pursuing my Electronics and Communication undergraduate degree. I started my journey by writing about my projects on Instructables.com. Soon this became a passion. I got into a whole new world of sharing. Since then I moved on to Hackster.io to author my projects. Hackster.io gave me plenty of exposure to the tech world. The passion generated by writing tutorials on DIY websites led to my interest in establishing a maker culture. As of now I’m working with Hack Club as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Hack Club India subdivision spreading the super powers of coding.

Doing my part in this tech world ;)